Introducing Nyan Chad, the meme-based token ready to take over DeFi

Nyan Chad is going Live

Nyan Chad (NYCH) is an economic experiment that taxes only sell-side transactions. A 3% tax on all sells will rewards the NYCH hodlers. No action is needed to receive the rewards, it is reflected immediately across all token holder balances, allowing frictionless yield. The NYCH supply will be 100,000 forever. NYCH is non-inflationary, no new tokens will ever be created (no mint function).

Pre-sale details

Number of allocated tokens: 60,000 (60%)

The Story of the Chads and the virgin

Once upon a time, a virgin who was bullied at school used to spend his whole life on his computer. One day, after finishing a raid on WoW, he heard about Bitcoin. The virgin read some articles but did not pay more attention about it. Few years later, the virgin was looking for ways to earn money. He started to buy some online e-books about drop shipping and earned almost $20 in 6 months. On 19th December, the virgin turned on the TV and notice that Bitcoin is now worth $19,000. The virgin decided to invest all the money he received after the death of his grand-parents in Bitcoin. One year later, he lost most of his investment, Bitcoin is now worth $3,000. At this moment, he decided to sell.

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We are the Chads.